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Anant Deoras (00:11):

Big boy hot summer lets go! Desserts are just the tip of the iceberg at this Southern influence bar and grill. Hi, I'm Anant Deoras with the EXP Realty, a local realtor, and today we're at houndstooth saloon located just a couple of blocks of historic Wrigley field. I'm going to sit down with Stephanie Cook and her team to talk everything about beers, brunch, booze, ROLL TIDE!

Anant Deoras (00:50):

Hi Stephanie. Hi. Good to see you. We want you to kind of introduce yourself. Sure,

Stephanie Cook (00:57):

Absolutely. So my name is Stephanie Cook. I'm the owner here at houndstooth saloon. We are predominantly in Alabama alumni bar started up the street, very small space, and they realized that there were a lot more Alabama fans than

Anant Deoras (01:09):

Anyone thought. If I was an auburn grad would I get denied entrance or

Stephanie Cook (01:14):

Can't guarantee, you know, fights what happened.

Anant Deoras (01:20):

So as far as that, that's kind of the bar. Do you have any kind of passion projects

Stephanie Cook (01:24):

So we we've actually over the past year and a half done quite a few fundraisers that are for a local charities and nonprofits. We do have one coming up next month. The organization's called humor for hope, and they're really focusing on a pro program with CPS schools to bring kind of mental health care into the schools specifically the ones that can't afford it, which are normally the one needed the most.

Anant Deoras (01:49):

So Stephanie, let's talk about one of the main reasons why we're here are the three items to food and one drink that your chefs can be highlighting and bartender they're gonna highlight today. Great. So

Stephanie Cook (01:58):

The chef is working on two different things right now. One is the Tuscaloosa club, a hand shaved, Turkey pickle green tomatoes, which we pickle in house. And it's definitely one of our more popular clubs on menu. And then also we're doing Buffalo rolls, which also handmade. It's basically everything you'd want in a an order of chicken wings, blue cheese dressing, all wrapped last mess, all wrapped up in a crispy one-time rapper and deep fried. So it can't go wrong there. And yeah, it's definitely one of more popular Abby's at the bar she's making our most popular cocktail of the summer, which is called an Aha Spice. We make we infuse absolute vodka with jalapenos, make it with a little pineapple juice, fresh lemon and shake it up with a tahini rim. It's really really good.

Anant Deoras (02:50):

Wow. That food and drink was amazing. We're here at Houndstooth Saloon. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to remember, to like share and comment on this video. Want to so thank. Stephanie Cook and her team. I'm Anant Deoras a local realtor. Thank you for watching my video series. Love Lakefield local take care.