BEST Indian Food in Chicago 

Plattered by Niki

Love Lakeview Local ep. 4


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Anant Deoras (00:00):

So there are several Indian options in Lakeview. Well like me, I joke kind of, but seriously folks for the best Indian food and Lakeview, we are going to be trying plattered by Nikki let's come and check out the chef. Nikki, come on, let's go. Hello. Anant Deoras "AD" with exp Realty. And today we are with Nikki with plattered by Nikki. Hi, Nikki. How are you? Hi, Nikki. I'm good. Thank you. Give us a little background about your business and, um, you know, how long you've been cooking Indian food.

Nikita Vaish Dhingra (00:36):

Um, I've been cooking for as long as I can remember, but as far as the business, uh, we officially set up, uh, for the last four years. Uh, my first big event was, uh, the Chicago south Asian film festival. We did, uh, deserves for about 300 people.

Anant Deoras (00:54):

Um, and you were on your own

Nikita Vaish Dhingra (00:56):

That time. I was completely on my own

Anant Deoras (00:58):

People. We've got superwoman right here in the flesh.

Nikita Vaish Dhingra (01:02):

Yes, we did three types of desserts. Uh, I like to give food by own Indian twist wherever I can. Yes. While staying true to the flavors that I've grown up eating and, you know, flavors, which are, which I'm familiar with and which I want the rest of the world to know. Wonderful.

Anant Deoras (01:19):

And, um, as far as like social media and people that want to order, so Nikki has as a, as a professional Indian chef, she does have a delivery and carry out. Right. So what is the best way to, to get ahold of social media wise here?

Nikita Vaish Dhingra (01:31):

Uh, yes. Uh, we are on Facebook and Instagram. Uh, my handle is, uh, plateaued by Nikki and all the updates. Everything are on there.

Anant Deoras (01:42):

And as far as type of events, you do private catered. Um, obviously you did a 300, so that was amazing. But now you do, um, people like to have private, private events. Do you do private tours?

Nikita Vaish Dhingra (01:52):

I do. Yes. So we have private chef. Uh, I do offer that, um, drop off catering. We also provide, set up with, um, set up of the buffet tables with fresh flowers candles, and we try to stay to the theme of the people that are hosting what they want. We recently did a wedding, an Indian wedding, which was a first for us. Um, so yeah, from anywhere from two to four people till I would say 150.

Anant Deoras (02:19):

Wow. That's amazing. So finally, let's talk about today's menu for the folks. What are you going to cooking?

Nikita Vaish Dhingra (02:24):

Um, okay, so we have my all time favorites. So I'm from new Delhi, India and street. Food has always been a big, big thing in our culture. Um, street food, uh, poverty chart is my absolute all time

Anant Deoras (02:39):

Favorite chart to, to the audience. Yes.

Nikita Vaish Dhingra (02:42):

Shot is basically, it has, uh, it's primarily made with like a sweetened yogurt, uh, two types of chutneys, which has meant cilantro and tamarind. Um, my twist to that is I I'm obsessed with beetroot, uh, the color it adds to the yogurt. So we always have our signature pink yogurt with our chart. Okay. It always provides this depth of flavors, sweet sour, tangy, spicy, everything. Um, so the chart is basically boiled, um, chickpeas and potatoes topped with a sweetened yogurt topped with the chutneys. And then I also like to make my own property or the fried diskettes that goes on top, um, some roasted cumin and that's our chart for

Anant Deoras (03:27):

Today. And what about the main entree? And

Nikita Vaish Dhingra (03:29):

They're also doing, uh, [inaudible] sliders, uh, which are basically potato Patty stuffed with lentil. Uh, we offered that on market days, uh, as well. Uh, it did pretty relevant. The main courses were doing a lamb korma. Uh, we're doing Raj ma and which just kidney beans. Uh, we're doing cumin rice, Dava, Parata. And then for dessert, we have our all-time top selling [inaudible] stages.

Anant Deoras (04:05):

Oh my goodness, guys. I'm so hungry. That's a great menu. Please support Nikki plattered by Nikki. Thanks so much for watching. Thank you. Thank you so much folks for watching episode four of the love lake few local, where we highlighted professional Indian chef Nikki with plattered by Nikki. Thank you again so much for watching. If you have any questions reach out I'm Anant Deoras your local lake view, realtor 7 7 3 4 9 0 6 1 5 1 take care.