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I remember as a kid playing with my friends, monopoly and risk. Yeah. That kid, I'm Anant Deoras "AD" , a Lakeview realtor. And today we're at bonus round game cafe. We're gonna be talking with drew and Courtney, let's go,

Hey, we're here with the co-owners Courtney and drew Courtney. Andrew kind of get a little background of the cafe here.

Yeah. So we're Chicago's first board game cafe. Uh, we opened in 2018, uh, back in March and, uh, we've been open three years now. Um, so we're the first full service board game cafe here in Chicago. Our whole deal is we're kind of trying to recreate that at home board game night experience without any of the hassle. So we've got full service, kitchen and cafe, all kinds of food, drinks, beer, and wine cocktails, craft sodas, all kinds of stuff like that. We also have a library right now about over 400 games or so, um, and all kinds of stuff that people are into our staff can teach them, make recommendations, all that. Good.

Wonderful. So, Courtney, what type of like specialty events do you have, um, for people to come in here and during the week?

Yeah, so, I mean, every night is game night, your phone bonus round. Um, and lately we've been doing what we call paint zips, where we have, um, little plastic miniatures that folks can come in and paint and sip cocktail, or, you know, non alcoholic beverage of their choice. We give some direction. So if you've never painted a miniature before, this is a great place to learn or a safe space for stuff like that, and a great for kids or families or groups of adults and stuff like that. And then, um, the weekends are really great time for family time.

And remember guys, it's alcoholic and alcoholic, this looks really refreshing. We let the folks know what's in the story. Yeah. This

Is Larsen Nora. It's a blood orange margarita made with mezcal tequila and blood orange before written with Jackie.

And also, I want to mention you had a retail store that people don't have. You don't really think about what she really helped you guys, guys, just sort of really small business really want to help them out. Can you guys briefly mention about the retail store? Yeah,

Absolutely. Um, so it started basically we expanded because of the pandemic and it has been our lifeblood through the pandemic. Um, it's, you know, the same knowledge and expertise that we bring to teaching games here in shop. We bring to making recommendations for you to take something home as well. So if you have no idea what you're looking for, we'll help you find the perfect game. There's a, there's a game for everyone. It'd be like to say.

Awesome. Thank you, Courtney. Thank you. Drew folks. We got to see the rest of this cafe. It's amazing.

Yeah. So this is our signature London fog it's made with an Earl gray concentrate dairy of your choice. We have oat milk or whole milk and a little bit of vanilla syrup producer. Thank you so much.

Well, folks that was so much fun paying games with the co-owners drew and Courtney. Again, I'm Anant Deoras "AD" thank you for watching episode two of my love, like few local series, please enjoy your day and make sure you support these great small business owners come by and play some games. Bring your family day.