Buying a 🏡 home right NOW-3 reasons you have to know

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It's time to get off the sidelines. I'm going to give you three reasons to buy a home right now, Hi, I'm Anant Deoras with exp Realty and through my leading Chicago YouTube channel, I provide timely advice for homeowners, which of course, homeowners do move into what are called, move up buyers. And also those homeowners may have kids that are considering purchasing their first home. So this is a kind of rationale behind my three reasons to buy right now. Let's talk about it. 


Number one, affordability. Now, hold on a second. I know what you're probably thinking. Am I doing a video about not buying a home, but hear me out here? So if you actually look all the way back to 1975 adjusted for inflation, there was only two other years. Last year's pandemic year 20, 20 and 2010, which was kind of the aftermath of the crash post 20 2008. Only two times that the monthly payment, the overall mortgage payment was less than this 2021. So in actuality, I know everyone is kind of focusing on the home prices, but you really need to kind of dive a little deeper folks and look at your total monthly payment. Compare it to If you're having to be that first time buyer, compare it to your rent and look at it. And if you're matching it, if it's close or maybe a little higher, then you've got to get off that sidelines and dip your toe into home ownership. So affordability isn't necessarily the issue. Now, of course, if you're looking at maybe some of the top neighborhoods, your south loop, west loop, some areas of west town lake view, of course, then the home pricing may have accelerated more to outweigh the overall payment, but it's good to at least reach out to me. And let's kind of go through it, look at the total monthly, compare it once a needs and you may be surprised. And I just said, as that graph, that just went by, I mean, one of the most affordable it's terms of, with adjusted for inflation, which by the way is also increasing. So affordability is number one. Let's go on to number two,

Number two, Interest rates. Everybody's been hearing interest rates, interest rates, interest rates, and even with these hyper home prices more nationally, because things on the local level, Chicago level, as a stable dies a little bit. If you actually go right up over here, you can see both first my Chicago market update to kind of see how those prices the pricing has stabilized. And then a little bit later, I'm going to be sh you can look in the same area. I'm going to show you my neighborhood, community lake view, market update, but interest rates are phenomenal under 3%. You're going to see a graphic going by here. And every week Freddie Mac releases their mortgage. They do a survey for all lenders throughout the nation, and that is released every Thursday. I'm happy to post that link. So we have phenomenal interest rates, which can counteract any type of huge home appreciation. And again, as I mentioned, in one, we get to look at the total monthly payment. So that's a number, number two, a second, great option for you to start buying right now. Let's go ahead and check out the final one.

Okay. Number three. Now Is the time you've got to start building wealth and the way the number one way to build wealth is through the purchase of owning property, right? Do you want to help build wealth for a landlord? Let's say you, that renter gets they're going to be that first time, right? And oh, by the way, second installments, I looked at mine. Second installed in cook county taxes are through the roof. And the lion's share of the group of folks are your landlords, commercial and residential. They're going to bear that. And where do you think they're going to pass those costs to you? The renter. So if you're in that period of a lease, maybe you have some flexibility that your landlord that you leave or you're towards the end, your month to month, please reach out to me. Let's start building your equity, not your landlord's equity. That is what the true really number one reason regardless of market is to build that wealth. I am an antivirus exp Realty. I'm so happy you watch my video three reasons to buy right now.

So what you should do, make sure you go and start Creating your own search. If you go below in the description, you can create your own advanced search with filters on there. You can comment on this. You do, you can reach out to me on my cell or email. I can help you set it up, start looking at properties and let's go look at some showings. Let's set some appointments for you in the areas of your choosing. And of course, if you decide that you want to hold off, of course I'll respect that, but please reach out to me. Thank you so much for watching and have a wonderful day.