Love Lakeview Local Ep. 5


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Today we are at episode five of the love lake view, local video series. I'm Anant Deoras "AD" with the EXP Realty. And today we're at wake and bakery. It's a pasta pastry shop with a twist. Once you come join me.

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Anant (00:25):

Hello, Lakeview community. I'm Anant Deoras "AD" with exp Realty. We're here at wake and bakery in the wonderful east neighborhood. And I'm here with co-owner beyond. Hi Brianna. Hi. Um, so can you give a little bit of a background, awaken bakery?

Briana (00:40):

Yeah, so actually I started in October after I lost my job, getting this place ready and we opened up in January of 2020. Um, after I realized I needed to do something for myself and my two kids. Um, and so we built this place on an idea I've had for years. I do. So my coroner's Mohammad Lotfi. He actually owns a store right next door. So it's very convenient for us to meet together and do it together.

Anant (01:05):

Wonderful. And what makes waken bakery unique out of all the other, if there's any other shops? So kind of give the background.

Briana (01:11):

So we are the first in the us too in shoes, coffee and baked goods on the SRR edibles out there, but we've never had anybody to do it fresh. So we are the first to do that. We use full spectrum hemp, um, and multiple with multiple cannabinoids.

Anant (01:26):

Wonderful. And what are the three items typically for these lovely view? Local media is like the highlight three items when you go through this.

Briana (01:34):

Yeah, so we have a purple haze lemonade. It's one of our top sellers. It's, um, a fruity Berry lemonade. Um, it's made with fresh lemonade that we make every day. And we have a pistachio latte, which is my personal favorite. Um, Starbucks tried to copy it, but can't match it. We're have Starbucks for better. And then we also have, um, our cookie brownie. So the brownie is infused with multiple cannabinoids again, and then it has like a cookie Brawny tops.

Anant (02:01):

Wonderful guys, I can't wait to try this. Let's go. Come on. Hi. I'm Anant Deoras "AD" and wow. I am now. We've been here at waken bakery. Thank you so much to the co-owner Brianna. This has been episode five of the love Lakeview local video series. My contact information is right up here. I would love to be able to help you have a wonderful day.