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Located at Irving park in south port. This bistro, you've probably driven past it so many times, but haven't stopped by. You got to change your mind on that. We're here today at Port and Park bistro. We're going to be looking at three entrees and a drink. I can't wait for you to try this place. Let's go, come and join me.

I cheers.



Thank you for having me. So please introduce yourselves and we're going to kind of talk about the journey and, uh, you know, special events here at, uh, the,

My name is Steve Salameh. This is my wife, Karima Salameh, and we've been in this business for a very long time and started downtown. I own the place in the loop with them, Brandy and, uh, lost my niece. Moved here, started looking, found this place, loved the neighborhood. The minute I saw the place. And, uh, we remodeled a little bit to me, the few changes. And now here we are 2018 is yeah, I mean, I came here 2019.

Um, how has the community embraced the space? Uh, how's that been? Yes.

Relationship. Wonderful. I mean, we, we, we really fell in love with every customer we haven't had. I mean, everybody that walks in, we get to know them, their names, their kids, their families, there's anniversaries. I mean this

A bit more about that. Uh, as far as special events or, you know,

Uh, we, we decide to everything else. We love spicing events, especially in affairs. Uh, we think it's a big honor that you're choosing us to celebrate whatever that may be, whether it's a rehearsal, the birthday, the sound we're. Uh, so we take it seriously. We love celebrating the few. We have like presence that we give, Hey, we'll do all kinds of things. Intermural. We love celebrating with you. Uh, all shipper are little guys, all kids get to pick up Bryson from the front. I know toy that's age appropriate and overall, you know, just love of players. Our runs are Bryant. Uh, a lot of affairs happen then too. A lot of special events. A lot of people choose to celebrate with us, but also they come through our bottom with the most us army, mostly kids, uh, the vibe, the music is incredible. And of course the food,

Oh, that food. Um, we've got a couple items we're going to be highlighting here. So C would you mention a couple of the items?

Yeah, I think, I think today we were having the Blue Smoke, which is made of fresh blueberries, mezcal and tequila. triple sec lemon juice. Uh, it's something that our bartender thought up and people LOVE it.. Then we are going to have mussels, which fresh mussels made with a little wine salami chapter and, uh, for the main course , we're going to have the pork chop, which is a big seller, or, uh, it's a nice thick pork chop that we give it a lot of love. People. Love it.

Thank you so much. I can't wait to try this food guys. I cannot wait to try this pork chop. It comes with broccolini potatoes. I'm going to dig in. I like small bites. So look at that. Can you see that? Unbelievable, but try this with a sauce. Oh my gosh, Steve, this is amazing guys. Thank you for watching this video, port and park bistro. Please support this wonderful couple husband and wife. I'm Anant Deoras AD with exp Realty. This has been love Lakefield local. Thank you so much for watching.